About Teacher Tech Rescue

Let’s take a leap forward into the future of education! Either dive with us into the abyss, or stand stagnant in front of a room full of tuned out ears, wandering eyes and disconnected minds.

The tendency of the 21st century classroom teacher today is to use more technology in their classrooms and often times, students abuse it, teachers misuse it, and we all start to, well… lose it! There are lots of books, blogs, vlogs, webinars, professional development sessions, and even conference headliners, all trying to convert classroom teachers into believers that technology makes a difference in the classroom and that you just have to use it. 

The truth is, a great teacher is marked not by the amount of technology they use, or how quickly they can navigate a complex interface, but by how they are able to take the aggregate resources available to them, and design the most powerful learning experience they possibly can PERIOD. Yes, the 21st century has brought change to what we can use to teach our students, but let us not forget what we each recall form our own learning experiences. It all starts with a passionate teacher who always wants to try something new. Are you ready to be that teacher?

My name is Kevin White, I am a teacher, I am a learning designer, I am a technologist, and I am a risk taker who has stumbled, faltered and failed so many times, that I feel I have learned some very valuable lessons along the way. It’s time for me to share now, welcome to Teacher Tech Rescue.

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