PBL Examples

Social Science: Middle and High School History

In social science courses, students are challenged to produce published writing, multimedia and polished deliverables. Skills like writing, researching, and collaborative project development require iteration and improvement based on teacher and peer feedback.




Engineering & Architecture: Gateway to Tech / Intro Engineering Design

In Middle School Gateway to Technology, students learn about the forces of flight by building glider kits, customizing them and attempting gliders of their own design. They also gain experience building rockets that incorporate Onshape CAD designs for the cone and fins that are 3D printed and fastened to launched bottle rockets. Middle and High School students learn CAD, code, robotics, and design thinking to solve real world problems through various team challenges. 

Info. & Comm. Technologies: Computer Applications and Coding / CompSci Principles

While participating in Computer Applications and Coding, students learn about the essentials of the G-Suite, like spreadsheet data analysis, web design and click navigation in slides. In addition, they will master foundational coding skills in HTML, JavaScript and Python. CompSci Principles emphasizes key concepts that are essential to the world wide web, data networks, app development with JavaScript, as well as advanced coding skills with functions, randomization and arrays.





Arts, Media & Entertainment:

In addition to learning about Design Thinking and creative processes, students learn to embrace failure, transform mistakes into opportunities and mold their passion and vision into a published work. Students make music, write poetry, create films and build Extended Reality experiences that can be viewed in the cloud from various devices.